In Memoriam

Simply put, the 2P10C was the name found on their boat, their license plate, and their family calendar. Unfortunately it goes far beyond that. The real story behind the 2P10C name is really about the call sign of a family that truely uses it as a way of life....it is this family's code of ethics.

The family is made up of more than just parents, brothers and sisters. This family is everyone's best friend, and the parents are the ones that keep it all in order and together. The parents make up the "P" and the children make up the "C". The 2 "P"arents are Charles and Gertrude Lawyer; and yes, they really did have 10 "C"hildren.

2P: Charles, Gertrude
10C: Charles, Dave, Charlotte, Elaine, Wayne, Bill, Gary, Susan, Marie, Ed

Now that all of the kids have grown up and started their own families; sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, cousins, nieces, and nephews all found the same true meaning of what the call sign represents, and accepts it as their own. As the size grew the name was ammended as the 2P10C plus, keeping the original in tact. That is why the Lawyer Family, however big it grows, will forever be known as the 2P10C plus.

This site is dedicated to them..