The 2012 ROCKIES


What is the KANGAROO KOURT ?

The KANGAROO KOURT is a set of rules constructed which impose monetary penalties (usually one dollar) for committing any of several listed mental errors or physical mistakes likely to occur during the course of a baseball game. These fines are assessed with a dual purpose:

All moneys collected are used to subsidize team wants and needs such as: equipment, uniforms, parties, T-Shirts, etc....It's that simple. Many of us are already familiar with this concept through exposure during high school, college or other baseball programs. It will be a fun and beneficial way to increase the team's awareness on the field and also to help with fund-raising.


1) All final decisions to impose fines will be determined by the team managers.

2) All fines for the week will  be collected after our Sunday afternoon game.

3) A log of all imposed infractions and penalties will be updated each game by a senior member of the team or by the managers.

4) Any violation or content thereof may be altered or omitted at the discretion of the managers.

5) All moneys collected from this system will become part of the team account.

6) Violations and infractions can be added throughout the season at the suggestion of any member of the team pending approval by the team majority. If these new amendments are brought about by a game situation, the player whom has committed the initial infraction in question shall be exempt from any penalties for the FIRST offense. Any same offense thereafter will follow all rules and regulations stated within.

7) Remember, this system is being implemented only after a majority approval by the team. It is meant solely for purposes beneficial to the team. This is not meant to, nor will it ever, cause any sort of "financial hardship" to any member. Any instances of ill feelings, arguments, conflict or negativities experienced as a result of this system will be cause for its abrupt termination at the manager's will. This is a fun and profitable way to increase team awareness, morale and funding and is being done to benefit every member of the team. Any complaints or concerns with the system should be presented to the managers immediately. All issues will be dealt with fairly.


***Kangaroo Kourt Enacted April 30, 2000***





*NOTE – There is NO cell phone / pager rule