May 19, 1967
187 lbs
West Roxbury,Ma

Career: 1992 - 1999
Inducted: March 15, 2000
David Fleming is the first player to have his number retired and be inducted into the Rockies Hall of Fame. His career started even before the team had their current name, and were known as the Knights. Dave was one of the most talented all-around athletes the Rockies ever had, not to mention a proven leader. His leadership was never more evident as in 1998, when the Rockies were about to fold as a result of poor management. He, along with Brian Cooper, took over the team and breathed life back into a team that was in a downward spiral and headed towards disaster. Flem was a key factor in building the successful franchise that the Rockies have come to be. Dave's defensive skills made him a cornerstone of the outfield for years, and his speed on the base paths earned him a vast respect throughout the league. Unfortunately, the legendary "One-Niner" retired after the 1999 Season, leaving a void in the outfield as well as in the hearts of all who have the privilege to play with him. The Rockies wish Flem the best as he enjoys retirement in his beautiful, West Roxbury home spending time with his lovely wife Lolli and daughters Delia & Lola.

DATE OF BIRTH: Oct 15, 1964
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
BATS: Left
COLLEGE: Unknown

Career: 1990 - 2000
Inducted: March 15, 2002
Mike Libertini has a history with the Rockies that is unrivaled - his days with the team started back in 1990, when the Rockies were known as the Knights in the old Junior Park League. The burly, left handed first baseman was a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the baselines. The team went through a few tough years at the beginning of their existence, but Mike was a constant shining star, even when things were at their worst. A sure-handed fielder, Mike saved many an error for his fellow infielders. At the plate was where Porno did most of his damage. With one of the sweetest lefty swings the Rockies have ever seen, and a keen flair for driving in runs, Mike achieved slugger status early in his career and never looked back. As the years wore on, Mike moved into the DH position doing what he always did best - crushing opposing pitching, while also assisting with the team's administrative duties. As his best friend and long-time teammate Artie Carey does, Mike continues to support the Rockies, always staying in the loop. In 1999, while still playing with the team, Michael generously sponsored the team with his previous plumbing business. With two future Rockies at home, Mike currently focuses on coaching his sons, Michael Jr. (14 yrs old) and Anthony (7 yrs old). No one has been in the Rockies family longer than old #9, and we hope he stays close.

NICKNAME: "Artimus"
DATE OF BIRTH: Oct 29, 1968
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
BATS: Left
COLLEGE: Unknown

Career: 1991 - 2000
Inducted: March 15, 2002
Artie Carey has been a member of this team since 1991 - second only to best friend and fellow Rockies Hall of Famer, Mike Libertini. An original member of the Knights, the team's name before they became the Rockies in 1994, Art spent his first years with the team behind the plate. A powerful lefty hitter, Artie was a huge part of the Rockies line-up for years, always solidifying the heart of the order. Big #79 was a clutch hitter with a great eye, always seeming to come up with the big hit when the team needed it. Catching duties became uneccessary in the later years of his career and Artie made the move to DH. On occasion he played second base where he proved to be more valuable than even imagined, coming up with a few of the most memorable infield plays in team history. Artie's dedication to the Rockies went far beyond the playing field as towards the end of his career he was generous enough to sponsor the team for the 2000 season through his own successful business - A.J. Carey's plumbing & Heating of Needham. Although officially retired since 2002, Artomis is still a huge part of the Rockies family, staying close with his former teammates, attending most every team function and remaining as the team's sponsor from 2003 to the present. His years of dedication are unparalleled and we are all extremely appreciative for all that he has done for this organization. We look forward to the day his son, Dylan dons the purple and black.

DATE OF BIRTH: Dec 28, 1974
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 190 lbs
BATS: Right
RESIDENCE: SanFrancisco,CA

Career: 2000 - 2003
Inducted: March 15, 2004
Chris Spadaccini was acquired as a free agent prior to the 2000 season. Little did we know the kind of an impact this burley infielder would have on the Rockies family. A friend from back home in Connecticut, of team captain Leland Boutilier, Chris was a welcomed addition to the roster. Spaz was a talented ball player, who's defensive skills did not limit him to just one position. He was always eager to show his stuff on the diamond, any time, any position. He willingly accepted the role of utility infielder but saw most of his action at second base. He was an immediate fit with the team, and that bond got stronger as the years passed. You couldn't help but love Spad-a-dooch: he played infield, saw time in outfield, started games, pinch hit, was a defensive replacement and oddly enough, became the most successful pinch runner in team history. Somehow, every time Chris entered the game as a runner, it was uncanny how he found a way to score. If you ask Chris, he will say his most important contribution to the team was, hands down, the fact that he kept the meanest scorebook ever. These are the things that make a great teammate - the things Chris brought to the field every game. Unfortunately, a job opportunity in San Francisco cut Chris' Rockies career short after the 2003 season. There wasn't a player, past or present, who didn't hate to see Spaz go. Spaz still keeps in touch with everyone and occasionally visits, but outgoing personality and presence on the roster will never be replaced.

NICKNAME: "C-Squared"
DATE OF BIRTH: Feb 16, 1972
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 182 lbs
BATS: Right
COLLEGE: Keene State

Career: 1999 - 2003
Inducted: March 15, 2004
Chris Clark was chosen as the Rockies first round draft pick in 1999 and emerged as one of the top all around players in team history. In his five seasons with the team, Chris was selected as an All-Star three times and traveled to Arizona and Florida as a member of the league All-Star team Boston United in 2001. Selected by the Rockies mainly for his pitching prowess, Clark certainly did not disappoint as he dominated on the mound as well as at the plate. In his rookie campaign, Clark shocked the league batting .492 with 32 hits and 25 RBI, while Slugging .708 and an on base percentage of .588 - these monster offensive numbers from someone who also led the team with 49 innings pitched and 4 wins on the hill. He was awarded with the team MVP as well as the team Co-Rookie of the Year, which he shared with college teammate and friend Neal Roper. C-Squared never slowed down as his sophomore campaign was just as impressive. When not on the mound, Clark played second and paired up with fellow Hall-of-Famer Ricky Corson to make one of the smoothest double play tandems anywhere. Although he enjoyed playing the field, Chris' calling was on the mound and in 2002 he took home the team's Cy Young award posting a 5-2 record, striking out 40 in 41 innings pitched. With career totals of over 100 hits, a batting average of .391, an on base percentage of .463 and compiling 17 wins on the hill - Chris Clark, hands down, had the most prolific baseball career of anyone in the Rockies Hall of Fame. Now that #5 is retired, Chris and wife Karen are awaiting the arrival of their first child this Spring.

DATE OF BIRTH: Nov 22, 1968
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 160 lbs
BATS: Right
COLLEGE: Villanova

Career: 1996 - 2004
Inducted: March 15, 2005
Ricky Corson played his last season as a Rockie in 2004 and went out in style as a YBL All-Star, respectfully representing the team at Fenway Park. After being drafted by the team for the 1996 season, Stix immediately took on the job as starting shortstop - settling comfortably into his role as if he had been there for ten years - and for ten more, he would remain. A pillar in the Rockies defense for a decade, Corson lead silently, usually not having much to say, but allowing his actions to speak louder than words ever could. Definitely one of the best clutch hitters the team has ever seen, as well as one of the hardest to strike out, his teammates always looked up to him in sticky situations - and almost always, he delivered. Later in his career, Ricky moved over to second base and was reborn at his new position becoming on of the most solid defensive infielders anywhere. In a career which tallied more than 160 hits, 150 runs scored and an on base percentage of over .400, it is his dedication, leadership and grace that Ricky Corson will be remembered most during his decade with the Rockies. Although Stix is looking forward to retirement and spending his time coaching his son Ben to be his predecessor in the Rockies middle infield, he will be sorely missed … and his cleats will never be filled.